The school board consists of five members who are elected by voters in the Enumclaw school district. The members must live not only within the school district boundaries, but they must also live within the district boundaries they service. They serve a four year term. We also have two EHS student board members.

school board

Dear Families,
The Enumclaw School Board of Directors wishes to express our sincere thanks for being entrusted with the responsibility of representing your school district. We are committed to work on your behalf to reach the highest level of excellence in our schools. Success for all students is our top priority. We are asking for your help to work as a team. By working in cooperation with our community, staff and students we can create a top-notch district.

In conjunction with Mike Nelson, Enumclaw School District Superintendent, our board is united and moving forward collectively towards the successful achievement of our goals.

Please feel free to contact any one of us with questions, comments or concerns. The Board of Directors looks forward towards working with you as a member of a team as we work towards making our district the best in the state.


Tyson Gamblin, Director and WIAA Representative
Tina McGann, Director
Nancy Merrill, Vice President and Legislative Representative
Jennifer Watterson, Director
Bryan Stanwood, President