Strategic Plan

Each April our Enumclaw School District Board of Directors meet for a full day retreat.  The purpose of this time is two-fold.

  1. To recognize, highlight and review results of the work of the previous year
  2. To set the direction for the next year

The results of this work is vital to the mission of Enumclaw School District. The Superintendent and Cabinet bring the mission of Ensuring the equity of all students achieving at high levels system-wide through the Strategic Plan.

We added our Theory of Action to the Strategic Plan in April 2018:

“If we are relentless in our pursuit of creating schools that engage students in learning that is authentic, deep, irresistible and exciting, then we will succeed in preparing all students for success in the innovation era and success in life.”

This central idea inspires our 550 staff members in our work with students. The Habits, Hands, Heart, and Head work that was established a decade ago in Enumclaw School District is now further refined by our focus on four initiatives to meet our mission of ensuring the equity of all students achieving at high levels:

1. Whole Child: ensuring that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged
2. System Capacity: developing and aligning resources to support student, staff, and community learning
3. Tiered System: creating opportunities to support the academic, behavioral and attendance needs of all students to successfully meet standards
4. Instructional Improvement: creating a positive, powerful learning experience for all students each period, each day

We measure our success on the values, opportunities, and achievement of our students and staff.

For a complete overview of the Strategic Plan including a detailed description of goals, evaluation measures and action steps, please view the 2018-2019 Strategic Plan Overview. This is an important tool for communicating our K-12 goals with our leadership team, staff, students, parents and community members.

In April 2017 we invited school board directors, leadership team members, students and parents to help communicate our shared vision.

Video Transcript

Enumclaw School District - New Strategy - 2017

Megan Ogburn, Enumclaw Middle School 8th Grader:
They did a lot more paper-pencil work. They definitely did not have the technology that we are lucky enough to have.

Jordan Iacobazzi, Enumclaw Middle School 8th Grader:
. . . didn't have a lot of resources like we do now. It was basically just books, not as techie as it is now.

Megan Ogburn Enumclaw Middle School, 8th Grade:
. . . then we have access to that where ever we are.

Nancy Merrill, Enumclaw School District Board Member:
We just had them come to school and stay in the classroom, sit in a seat, and go home; that time has really gone by a long time ago.

Chris Beals, Enumclaw School District Deputy Superintendent:
Our world looks different than it did really even five years ago, and certainly more than, you know, the more distant past. In thinking about just the infusion of the devices in the students' hands, and the way that's changing the work in our classrooms, that is a big influence on all the work we do, not just about technology. It's about how teaching and learning happens for students and about the opportunities we want to have for them, and so that is a great example of an area that we've tried to really intentionally infuse across all of our planning.

(1:00) Enumclaw School District | Strategic Plan

LouAnn Sawyer, Parent and PTA Member:
It's time with these new possibilities, these new technologies, these new resources that have become available. It's time for a new Strategic Plan. How does this fit in our classrooms, in the vision of Whole Child learning, so that we can create a success in our kids?

Nancy Merrill:
Trying to adjust the new mission to say "Ensuring the equity . . .", also says we are pushing it out to making sure that they come to us ready for school. So, what we're learning as a Board and as a District, getting ready for school begins at birth, and parents, the home life, make all the difference in whether a child is ready to learn.

Mike Nelson, Enumclaw School District Superintendent:
We have some students who come to us that are well above the established grade level or subject area in which they 're coming to us on. We have other students who might be performing academically below that certain grade level or target mark. We have some students coming to us well fed, others are not well fed. How do we meet each and every one of those needs by developing structures or systems to support students - ultimately receiving that high school diploma and ready to take their next step.

Nancy Merrill:
We know that all children can succeed at high levels if they 're given the opportunity to. It may not be that all are going to be 4.0 students because that may not be the potential that that child might have.

Emily Gomes, Parent and PTA Member:
With my daughter, she 's basically the reason we 're in Enumclaw. We choose Enumclaw, and one of the reasons is she is learning disabled in some pretty severe ways, and nobody wanted to look at the Whole Child.

Nancy Merrill:
Everyone has some limitations in terms of where they can have stronger gifts and more challenges.

Emily Gomes:
She had talent in music, and she had talent in drama. So we came to Enumclaw and they said we will meet your child where she is. We will work on the reading, we will work on the math, while letting her thrive at the things that she 's great at.

Chris Beals:
As we think about the four goal areas that we 've articulated in our Strategic Plan, they really have to do with addressing the needs and supports of the Whole Child, which is broader than just their academic growth. There are other pieces we want to and need to consider to make sure all of our students are successful. It 's building a Tiered System of support across our system so that students, whatever support they may need academically or in other ways - behaviorally, socially - that we have systems put in place in our schools to be able to address those particular needs, so that they 're continuing to move forward and get what they need, which looks different from child to child.

Emily Gomes:
And now her academics are higher, she just got the choir award for Choir Student of the Year. She had a feature in the play, so Enumclaw has let her be her.

Nancy Merrill:
And that 's why the new Strategic Plan is clear, "ensuring the equity" so make sure the equity is there for each student and try to close the gap for students who don 't have the opportunity to have some of the things that, for example, our own children had.

Mike Nelson:
This year we 've established four goal areas that cut across all of our departments within the School District. We feel this breaking down of silos, and coupled with the timeline of starting it in the spring and bridging it through the summer, is going to catapult learning at a very high level.

Nancy Merrill:
When we hear other Board Members in areas of the state talk that we 're able to do an extremely exceptional job here with less than many districts have, and I think that 's because we have excellent leadership right now.

Emily Gomes:
What other school system does this happen - that a teacher recognizes a talent, sees that there is an obstacle, and still makes it happen for the kid?

LouAnn Sawyer:
Our principal actually greets our kids each and every day at the door as they come into school, so she knows their name, she knows their siblings ' names, she knows the families.

Emily Gomes:
I watch my kids thrive here and think every day they go to school, they are getting the experiences here that are going to make them the most successful adults they can be.

LouAnn Sawyer:
I really think our District is a unique and special place for our kids because we do achieve academic excellence, absolutely, but I think it 's more than that. And it truly is about our staff putting their heart into our kids and teaching them how to relate to each other, how to be kind, how to be respectful, and how to develop a sense of community overall - and I think that 's what I love about the Enumclaw School District is it 's the Whole Child focus.