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Strategic Plan

Each April our Enumclaw School District Board of Directors meet for a full day retreat.  The purpose of this time is two-fold.

  1. To recognize, highlight and review results of the work of the previous year
  2. To set the direction for the next year

Below you will be able to view important documents that demonstrate the alignment and coherence of the mission of Enumclaw School District to the strategic plan of our district.  This first document outlines the mission, vision, measurements and core work of our system.

Mission document (pdf)

A graphic way to show direct alignment between the vision to our department work was the creation of our “star” document.  This document highlights the headings for each section and sub-section of our strategic plan.

Star document (pdf)

Taking our work to specific action steps, we have an expanded strategic plan document of our system initiatives for each sub-section.

Expanded Strategic Plans document (pdf)

In order to achieve full investment of the work in our system, we have identified a communication brochure to support staff in our buildings.  The purpose is to provide this information as to not let a communication issue interrupt good work. 

Communication Brochure (pdf)