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EHS Construction Update May 2018



Transcript for EHS Construction Update May 2018 Video

Mike Nelson, Superintendent
The process for this construction project has been absolutely magnificent. We're actually two and a half months ahead of schedule. We thought our students would move in to this classroom a January 2nd, 2019. They are actually going to be able to move in for their first day on October 15, 2018.

Matt Rumbaugh, Principal Architect, NAC Architecture
We have some new stairways now and a lot of the finishes have started so we have some tile going down, ceilings too. It's really starting to look like a real building.

Tina McGann, School Board Director
Well I haven't seen this in about three or four months and I'm just excited to see all the new things that are happening and how close we're getting, cause we're getting very close! I'm real excited for our students to use it and especially my kids in the future, so it should be pretty exciting for them to experience this.

Foster Barnhardt, Student Representative for the School Board
It's all close together but it definitely doesn't feel cramped. There's a lot of open space. They've been talking a lot about putting seating in these hallways, which I think will be really cool for students, and then plus that the natural lighting is unbelievable. The windows are crazy and the views of Mount Rainier are going to be beautiful.

Jill Burnes, Director of Teaching and Learning
Science teachers were integral in designing this space. All of our science teachers were involved in this design, so all seven of our science teachers were on board from the very beginning. Building a space that allows a lot collaboration and really some inquiry based, hands-on learning. So we will see an increase in the amount of labs and really real-world connections kids are able to make in this environment.

Ed Hatzenbeler, Director of Business and Operations
It really right now looks like a schoolhouse in the making, so you start to envision what those spaces are going to look like for kids.

Mike Nelson, Superintendent
Well, what I hope our patrons are seeing right now is, as the finishes come on quickly, it changes the whole dynamic of the school. It's going to be beautiful for kids.

Foster Barnhardt, Student Representative for the School Board
I cannot be more excited.