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Enumclaw Middle School Wind Ensemble



Well, they did it! The EMS Band played at the Green River Music Region Large Group Band Contest held at WRHS Thursday, May 14th, 2009. The three judges scored the band a perfect ( I ) SUPERIOR RATING. Our pieces were challenging and exciting and at the risk of getting a lower score, we decided to go for it! The music was so difficult that the judges could have thought one of two things...1) This band is honoring the composer by playing this music WELL...or 2) This band is playing music that is over their head and out of their ability level. Thankfully what the judges heard was a mature band that played with nuance and precision... Here are some of the judges comments...

"Evidence of great fundamental work..."

"Nice challenge for the students and I think they rose to the challenge!"

"Lots of energy in the lines- GREAT!"

"Make way for your countermelodies to be heard (french horns and saxophones)- let their part sing through. They are playing well. Let the audience enjoy it!"

"Shows lots of work! BRAVO!"

"You play with lots of energy and spirit. A great group to listen to!"