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EHS 5th Avenue Theatre Award Nominations



Contributed by Darrell Miller, EHS Drama Director:

Each year teams of adjudicators go throughout Washington State viewing over 100 high school musicals and rating them on various scales. Then in June an Awards night similar to the Tony Awards is hosted in Seattle to celebrate the talent and commitment of drama students and provide them with the same recognition that high school athletes receive. It's always a magical night!

While we are glad to participate in the process, we tend to play it down. For Paul Scott and I, the Awards are truly a celebration of theatre and not about winning a trophy. It is like getting to the bonus land in Mario World. Wonderful, but not the sole objective. Our purpose is to teach, to entertain, to put on a good show.


In our first year Enumclaw High School received 2 honorable mentions for "Bye Bye Birdie".

In our second year Enumclaw High School received 2 nominations and 1 honorable mention for "Chicago".

Last year Enumclaw High School received 3 nominations and 1 honorable mention for "Superman".



Honorable Mention: Outstanding Direction

Honorable Mention: Outstanding Scenic Design

Honorable Mention: Outstanding Costume Design

Nomination: Outstanding Hair and Make-Up Design

Nomination: Outstanding Lobby Display

Nomination: Outstanding Program Design

Nomination: Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Group (Isidor and Ida Straus: K. Jacobs & M. Iunker)


The "TITANIC" cast shall be attending the Awards on Monday, June 8th and they will be televised!

I will let you know how it goes!

The entire nomination list can be found at: