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5th Avenue Theatre Awards



EHS was a winner at the 5th Avenue Theatre Awards held on Sunday, June 7! Out of 82 High School Musical Productions across the State we went in with four nominations and took home the award in the category: Most Outstanding Program Design. We cheered, we applauded. It was a wonderful evening of celebration! Two of our students also got to perform onstage in the Opening Number. Seniors S. Carey and E. Voss danced up a storm!

TVW will air Monday night's 7th Annual High School Musical Awards on Tuesday, June 9 at 7 PM and Sunday, June 15 at 1 PM. It is also available to watch on-demand at www.tvw.org


Quick Numbers for 2008-2009:

40 students in Acting 1-2 Course
20 students in Acting 3-4 Course
25 students in CTE Stagecraft & Production Course
35 students directly involved with the Fall Play "MACBETH"
80 students directly involved with the Spring Play "TITANIC: The Musical"
10 students directly involved with the Thunder Mountain MS Musical "A Year with Frog & Toad"
18 students directly involved with the May Play "Black Comedy"