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Battle Of The Bridge Food Drive Begins October 26th!



It's time for the Battle of the Bridge food drive with the White River School District. Like last year, it will occur during the week before the Enumclaw/White River football game....October 26-30. As you can see from the stories below, last year's food drive was a huge success and such an incredible support for food banks in Buckley, Enumclaw and Black Diamond! They were SO appreciative to be stocked-up BEFORE the holidays!

Amy Ihde and our EHS Key Club members are organizing the event for our school district. Our schools will be collecting the food. Students are encouraged to bring food items to their school during that week. Community members who do not have students in school and who wish to contribute, can do so at any of our schools.

This is a great event for our community!


Superintendent Mike Nelson states,  "It has been truly amazing to watch our entire system come together to help, support and provide service to our community by making such generous donations to food banks in Enumclaw and Black Diamond.  Thank you.  To me, this represents the definition of community, particularly the power of our entire school district coming together with a common purpose.  As the largest employer in our area, we have the ability to thoughtfully lead not only in educating our students each day, but in helping and serving our community as a whole."

Below is a description from Amy Ihde, Enumclaw High School Key Club Advisor, whose Key Club students collected the food yesterday from each school site:

It is truly hard to describe what happened here at EHS yesterday as the food rolled in – boxes and bags and crates and trunk-fulls and armfuls.  Sweat poured down our faces! We built new muscles and tested some we didn’t know we had! We had to go get an extra truck when we went to Thunder Mountain!  We had to count from 2:30 until 6 p.m.--We were late to set up for the game because a dozen of us were still counting!  We had to make 2 trips to several of the elementary schools because we underestimated their power! 

And most significantly, we had to make an emergency drop off to the Enumclaw food bank because we had TOO MUCH FOOD.  (Has anyone ever before had to make an emergency drop off to our bank because of food overload?!) Mike Cooper who opened the food bank for the two truck-extended bed-loads we had to dump, was in absolute awe. He chuckled in glee with each new bag or box as we packed the bank to the ceiling and had to open the extra shed to collect the overflow. Tears welled in my eyes knowing that just one of these cans will mean the difference between a hungry day and a happy day for one of my neighbors… and we brought in over 7000! You should see the food bank:  peaches, ramen noodles, spaghetti sauce, baby food, hamburger helper, mac-n-cheese, kidney beans – all stacked teetering and tottering in great stacks along the walls and into the aisles. I pity those who have to sort it all – if you have some free time the next few weeks, run down to help!

The best part?  There are still two huge truckloads of food to deliver to Black Diamond and more to take back to that food bank shed downtown again tonight. I am so thrilled by how well we are standing in the poverty gap for our community.  Many area food banks have had to cut back hours or service or even close due to the economic climate and lack of funding.  It gives us joy to claim victory, along with the soccer, volleyball, and football teams this week, but even better, we can say to hunger this season: "NOT IN OUR TOWN!" 

- Amy Ihde, EHS English Teacher