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Well it's hard to imagine considering this economy and our tremendous success last year, but our total district food drive numbers beat our own numbers from last year!!!

Here's how it broke down by numbers of items:

Transportation: 37

Westwood: 52

Kibler: 109

District Office: 135

Sunrise: 189

Black Diamond: 217

Southwood: 410

EHS: 1301

EMS: 2141

TMMS: 4435

For a grand total of 9026 items!!! JUST THINK how many people that will feed!

WRHS collected 4840 to make that total 13866 food items for local families!

Do you know what 9000 nonperishable food items looks like?! Mountains of ramen and towers of canned veggies met my Key Clubbers Friday night. It was an overwhelming task to move so much grub but well worth it in the end.

Here are some of the details:  It took about a dozen Key Clubbers, two Kiwanians, and one wimpy advisor 6 hours to load, count, and transport all of the food!

It was a truckload and a half hand-delivered to Black Diamond's food bank (which, by the way, is located down two flights of stairs - whew! We got sweaty!) and about 3 truckloads and a vanload to the Kiwanis foodbank downtown in Enumclaw. Our middle schools ROCKED the competition since EMS required the enormous food bank van and TMMS required 2 truckloads with an extra trip! (We even heard that one class at TMMS collected almost as much as our whole high school!) EHS collected enough cans in one short week to fill the food bank's auxillary shed to the top. What does this all mean? It means that as we head toward the Holidays and colder weather, hundreds of our neighbors will have access to more food than they otherwise would have in these tough times. You may never see them eat that meal, but know your contribution did not go unnoticed.

Blessings on you all. Key Club is proud to have had the privilege to facilitate your generosity!!

~Amy Ihde, EHS Key Club Advisor