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District Climate Survey Results Presented!



The Board of Directors received the results of the recent Enumclaw School District Climate Survey at their November business meeting.

This is the second consecutive year Enumclaw School District has asked for input from students, staff and parents through an online Climate Survey.

Below is the Executive Summary for the Climate Survey.

The Climate Survey will continue to be a tool we can use to make decisions, reflect on our practices, and plan for the future. It continues to be a window of opportunity to understand our strengths and areas for growth as an organization that serves students in learning.

The Board of Directors and district staff members are grateful to all who participated in this year's survey. The survey next year will be conducted in November to coincide with student conferences.

What we do well:

Next Steps:

arrow  The District hires well-qualified professionals to improve student learning Continue to look at the recruiting and retention programs to attract and retain professionals who are scholastically prepared and have the same educational values as our system and community.
arrow  Parents feel welcome in the District. Keep it up and celebrate.
arrow  Children feel safe in school. Keep it up and continue the vigilance.
arrow  Technology The levy was passed!
arrow  Curriculum and texts There is a distinct thread of appreciation for the change in direction regarding math across the grade levels.
arrow  Facilities The roof and heating systems are recognized as an improvement to the schools.
arrow  Communication There is a continued appreciation for the many and varied methods the District communicates with parents and the community.
Areas of Improvement: Next Steps:
Students felt they needed and wanted greater use of technology for them in their education. This will be and has been a focus and will continue to be so in the plan for the use of current resources as well as levy dollars as they become available in 2011.
A significant number of students indicate a desire for greater challenges in their classes. The PLC process will continue to look at all aspects of student education.