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EHS Choir, Band and Orchestra Honors



2011 All-Northwest and All-State Choirs
Over 3000 vocalists from around the state and the NW region audition and 7 students from our High School were chosen to be a part of these prestigious groups!  The students below auditioned with no information but their voice type and their assigned vocal exercises and were selected. The conference is in February in Bellevue.  More details will be announced by Mr. Paul Scott closer to the date.

2011 WMEA All-State Symphonic Choir
K. Rodarte, Alto 1
N. Peterson, Tenor 1

2011 MENC All-Northwest High School Honor Choir
D. Chevassus, Mixed Choir, Bass 2
C. Johnson, Mixed Choir, Soprano 1
M. Olds, Mixed Choir, Alto 2
S. Wentz, Mixed Choir, Alto 1
E. White, Treble Choir, Alto 1

Western International Band Clinic, Pacific Lutheran University Honors Band and All-State/All-Northwest Band and Orchestra
Congratulations to all the students who made the Western International Band Clinic, the Pacific Lutheran University Honors Band and All-State/All-Northwest band and orchestra!

Western International Band Clinic (WIBC) November 19th-22nd
B. Hanks, French Horn
S. Horn, Tuba
E. Pierce, Flute
S. Ridgewell, Clarinet
J. Welsh, French Horn

PLU Honors Band
E. Pierce, Flute
S. Horn, Tuba
J. Fair, clarinet
C. Smith, Trumpet
Z. Bainter, Clarinet-Bass

All-Northwest Orchestra
K. Dirks, Violin

All-State Symphony Orchestra
A. Hudon, Violin
A. Wolfe, Violin
M. Jarvis, Viola

All-State Concert Band
J. Fair, Clarinet