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Enumclaw Special Olympics Basketball



Contributed by Bonnie Kennedy, Enumclaw Special Olympics Coordinator:

Our Enumclaw Special Olympics Basketball teams just finished the regional tournament in Issaquah last weekend.  Enumclaw Titans took the 4th place ribbon and Enumclaw Thunder took the silver medal.  The gold medal team was disqualified so Enumclaw Thunder gets to go to State in Wenatchee! 

Enumclaw Thunder
N. Haziq
K. Kennedy
J. Hanson
C. Cormier
P. Gilbert
I. Weaver
J. Landon
M. Keating
A. Hertzog
W. Martin

Enumclaw Titans
D.J. Hertzog
N. Hertzog
M. Lamprey
A. Lamprey
D. Landon
J. DePoppe
J. Smart
C. Mogenson
S. Keating
S. Cline

Skills:Sari Keating
Coaches: Mike Cline and Ryan Picinich
Assistant Coaches: Amanda Keating, Chris DePoppe, Wendy Billingsly, Jake Lenting, Amy French

Congratulations to both teams, and good luck to the our Enumclaw Thunder at State competition!