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EHS Music Highlights



Information provided by Lynda Alley, EHS Music Director:

Music in May           

Music in May was founded in 1948 at Pacific University by Richard Greenfield to encourage the development of music in the public schools in the Pacific Northwest. The festival serves to recognize students whose service to their particular school was especially noteworthy. Each year the number of nominees for places at Music in May far exceeds the number who can be accepted.  Housing limitations and the natural requirements of each ensemble result in over 500 participants each year, approximately 300 in the choir, 170 in the band and 80 in the orchestra. 

Congratulations to the following EHS students for being selected for this festival:

J. Fair, Clarinet
C. Smith, Trumpet
C. Beinke, Trumpet
B. Hanks, French Horn
K. Watson, Baritone
S. Horn, Tuba

M. Jarvis, Viola
E. Pierce, Flute/Piccolo
J. Welsh, French Horn


Judge Deems EHS Wind Ensemble "INSPIRING" at competition

The Green River Music Region's band contest was held on March 23, 2011 at Kentwood High School.  Students perform, receive a clinic from a respected University Professor and receive a rating for their performance.  The ratings range from Superior (I) to Fair (V) and for the first time in my thirteen years of taking bands to contest, this year's Wind Ensemble received a I+.  The judge took a long look at the band after the performance and didn't say anything for a long time and when he did speak he simply said, "Inspiring".  I always tell the students to perform everything they know to do from the best possible tone to their form to the precision required so that they force the judge to tell them something they don't already know.  The students knew that they brought a pinnacle performance and were thrilled.  I could tell as we were performing that this was, indeed, a special performance and could see it on the students' faces with every perfect entrance and warm and lovely sound.  Some of the judge's comments were:

  • Great Sound
  • Great sense of pulse
  • Nice control
  • Played courageously
  • Confident Soloists
  • Fantastic overall ensemble
  • Nice job saving energy for the delicate passages
  • Great care was given to be in tune at all times
  • Fine musicianship

The last thing the judge said to us was, "You should be proud of this group.  Students you should be proud of yourselves.  Your school should be proud of you and your community should be very proud of you."  I simply replied, "They are!"