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EHS Jazz Band Performance At Senior Corps Mother's Day



Contributed by Lynda Alley, EHS Music Director:

It was a day that I imagine three hundred senior low-income mothers have looked forward to for a long time.  Every year they attend a luncheon in their honor including fine food, keynote speakers and entertainment.  This year the Enumclaw High School Jazz Band provided the entertainment for these wonderful women. They listened, they sang along, they even got up and danced to the timeless standards that the EHS Jazz Band played.  Here is what Elizabeth Watt, volunteer coordinator had to say in an email I just received.  Good stuff.

Hi Lynda - So great to meet you today!  I have to say, how absolutely impressed I was with your group.  I also have to say that the mothers told me that was the best musical performance we have had at the event in the many years we had it.  It was absolutely fabulous.  The families were great as well and I am so overjoyed to have had you there - I saw many mothers singing along with the music - it was right on!  Again, just an excellent job. - All the best, Elizabeth Watt.

Participating Jazz Band members:

E. Beinke
C. Beinke
J. Beinke
D. Wood
G. Oden
R. McNabb
S. Horn
B. Hanks
D. Schiff (alumni)
T. Horn
G. Jarman
N. Kays
C. Holtz
M. Johnson

EHS jazz band photo
Jazz band performance on Mother's day #1 EHS jazz band photo