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Last Wednesday, our legislature concluded their session.  As a system, we now know our budget targets.  We are now able to share more specifics about how the state budget will impact our district budget.  We have identified nearly $700,000 in reductions due to less revenue from the state and another $320,000 in reductions due to decreased enrollment.  On Friday, we talked with individuals impacted by the reductions.  Below is a summary of 
   1) our filters
   2) our #1 priority
   3) list of reductions due to less state revenue
   4) list of school reductions due to decreased enrollment

Filters we used for determining reductions:
1.  Student Learning
2.  Staff Learning
3.  Support Services
4.  Safe Learning and Working Environment
5.  Short and Long Term Cultural Impacts

The staffing ratio did not change (class size).  Each building was staffed using the same ratio as in past years.  This was incredibly important to our Board of Directors and staff to have not only this as a budget priority, but to actually be able to implement no change.  As you are well aware, the major budget reduction that we received from the state was the elimination of K-4 enhanced class size monies.  We worked very diligently not to have to increase this ratio.  We are hopeful that we will not have to look at the staffing ratio in future budgets.

Reductions based upon less revenue from the state (totaling nearly $700,000):
1.5 Librarian (we will now have 3 librarians covering our 8 schools)
Food Services (8 hours across the district)
Custodial (8 hours across the district)
Secretarial (8 hours at our two middle schools)
Grounds (8 hours)
Athletics (from district athletic budget)
Transportation (still working on new routes)
School Budgets (all school budgets reduced)
District Office (all department budgets reduced)

Reductions based upon decreased enrollment:
We were able to absorb these reductions through staff retirements, leave of absences, etc.
EHS (2 staff members)
Westwood (1 staff member)
Kibler (1 staff member)
Sunrise (.5 staff - one less kindergarten session)