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EHS Spring Sports Honors - Updated



Congratulations to all of our spring sports teams.  Below are the honors given to our teams, players and coaches by our league:

Eric Fiedler - Coach of the Year
M. Lucarelli - MVP
C. Hughes - 1st Team, First Base
E. Koenig - 1st Team, Third Base
K. Thomson - 1st Team, Outfield
T. Carlson - 1st Team, Outfield
D. Hitch - 1st Team, Designated Hitter
T. Disque - 2nd Team, Catcher
M. Madden - 2nd Team, Second Base
K. Baumgartner - 2nd Team, Outfield
L. Goodin - Honorable Mention, Pitcher

S. Morrow - 1st Team, Infield
K. Kranz - 2nd Team, Outfield
C. Cox - 2nd Team, Catcher
K. McClellan - 2nd Team, Utility

Girls Water Polo:
Bob Averill - Coach of the Year!
E. Stucker - 1st Team
A. Ballard - 1st Team
K. Sonneson - 2nd Team
A. Birklid - 2nd Team
H. Kinniburgh - Honorable Mention
M. Lesmeister - Honorable Mention

B. Johnson - 1st Team and All Academic
G. Sanders - 1st Team
R. Holley - 1st Team and All Academic

Skip Ashley - Coach of the Year
T. Koenig - 2nd Team, Forward
J. Williams - 2nd Team, Mid-Field
T. Terrell - 1st Team Defender
C. Gwerder - 2nd Team Defender
D. Anderson - Honorable Mention, Goal Keeper
Sportsmanship Team Award - EHS!