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EHS Band Solo and Ensemble Results



Contributed by Lynda Alley, EHS Band and Orchestra Director on January 28:

Today was most memorable.  Students played beautifully, and the Enumclaw Band is certainly representing at the State level in April!

Congratulations to all 30 entries and over 50 students who participated.  16 Superior and 12 Excellent Ratings were given to EHS.

Drum roll please (we'll let Thomas Horn do that since he is our state winner on the snare drum!)

State Winners:
B. Hanks,French Horn
Z. Bainter, Bass Clarinet
T. Horn, Snare Drum

1st Alternates:
A. Wu, Clarinet
E. Pierce, Flute
Rainier Brass Quintet (C. Beinke, B. Hanks, R. Flint, J. Richenburg and S. Champ)

2nd Alternates:
C. Beinke
Horn Quartet (M. Flintoff, B. Hanks, D. Hamel and M. Whitfield)

**Alternates mean that if a space becomes available from another region not being able to produce a winner in that category, alternates are picked up to fill the spot.