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Countdown to Commencement! - Day #1



For the next two months prior to our Enumclaw High School Commencement Ceremony on June 11, 2012, we will be highlighting students from our Senior Class.  We have asked for students to turn in highlights of their experience at Enumclaw High School.  We also asked them to tell us what their next steps are after graduation.  We believe you will enjoy reading about our incredible students in the coming weeks!

Please be sure to check the site each day as we will be adding students daily!

The links below are in PDF format.

Day 36:
Courtney Cox

Day 35:
Andrew Bass
Erica Bonthuis
Kyle Bozlee
Brad Cleveland
Kristin Gonzales

Day 34:
Dana Gutierrez
Marcus Joshlin
Brad Kelley
Lori Lamm
Steve Lee

Day 33:
Olivia McFarland
Kathleen Parker
Conner Rawie
Alexandra Scott
Cole Snider

Day 32:
Tanner Wicklund
Tyler Wicklund
Jordon Willis
Matt Yang

Day 31
Sherry Baer
Hannah Grossnickle
Alexandra Hawkins
Shelby Mattson
Sara Mongrain

Day 30
Sierra Myers
Waylon Sherwood
Markel Soikes
Dannielle Vorak

Day 29
Ashtyn Packer
Jocelyn Lusk
Tay Jean Marie Floyd
Audi Reisinger
Rachel Davis

Day 28
Aimee Greissl

Day 27
Trevor Sawyer

Day 26
Beverly Hanson

Day 25
Emma Pierce

Day 24
Chelsea Clark

Day 23
Kelly Patrick

Day 22
Joslyn Lynch

Day 21
Jackie Ginez

Day 20
Michelle McKinlay
Patrick Ramsey

Day 19
Hailey Higgins
Chandler Weiman

Day 18
Sonia Simon
Emily Boyes

Day 17
Toni Ann Moulden
Dean Bergquist

Day 16
Kristin McCallum
Brook Warnstadt

Day 15
Jonathan Cooper
Camille Shoe
Day 14
Mariah Spicer
Day 13
Rainy Collins
TJ Cormier
Day 12
Colten Malek
Michael Avery
Day 11
Allison Bundy
Day 10
Chris Williams
Day 9
Alexa Hammond-Vick
Day 8
Ryan Chynoweth
Day 7
Colton Lathrop
Day 6
Colton McCluskey
Day 5
Megan Pillo
Morgan Angus
Kristel Noel
Day 4
Trevor Wilson
Logann Erskine Adrian Monstad-Rios
Day 3
Kayla Bunderson
Dane Harp
Day 2
Lauren Cary
Anna Marie Forza
Day 1
Elisabeth Went
McHale Dougherty