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Special Olympics Basketball



Photograph by Hinman Photography
Athletes shown in the photograph are in order:
Back left to right: Coach: Robert Keating
Athletes: C. Coulter, T. Hagen, J. Jolosky, T. Cormier, D. Cormier
Coach: Kevin Meyers

Front: Assistant Coach Amanda Keating
Athletes: T. Milligan, M. Keating, J. Landon, R. Cormier, P. Gilbert

Article contributed by Lupita Morales:
"This is the only town in America that has a 45 minute 'Hello'", said my best friend from out of state as we were loading our one & only grocery bag into my car. I smiled ear to ear remembering the nice visit we just had with a fellow citizen of Enumclaw in the chips & pop aisle. I said, "Yes, yes it is".

I never thought in my life I would be in love with my community. Communities these days are where you fight traffic to get some groceries. Where you walk into a coffee shop & no one recognizes you. Where you have no clue who your neighbors are. But that's not my town, that's not your town. Our town is full of amazing people who know their neighbors names, who come to freezing cold Christmas parades to cheer everyone on & where the barista asks how is your mom feeling today. That's OUR town.

One of our favorite past times in Enumclaw is supporting all our children’s activities from the wee littles to the high school students & beyond. A prime example of what a great town this is in it's support of our local Enumclaw Specialized Recreation (Enumclaw Special Olympics). We started this program with just 8 athletes to play soccer in 2010, this year we have over 40 athletes in ALL ages groups & even more amazing volunteers who coach & peer mentor all year round; soccer, t-ball, golf, bowling & basketball.

We are yet again expanding. We're are so very excited to announce the very first Enumclaw High School Special Olympics Hornets!!

They are a Unified Team from the ages of 16 to 21 years old. Special Olympics Unified Team is an inclusive sports program that combines an approximately equal number of Special Olympics athletes (individuals with intellectual disabilities) and partners (individuals without intellectual disabilities) on teams for training and competition. Unified Sports helps increase the skills necessary for individuals with intellectual disabilities to be accepted socially (developing meaningful relationships, being accepted and respected and being better prepared for community living). Team sports are about having fun, promoting physical health and bringing people together. Enumclaw Special Olympics Unified Teams do all of that.

It's basketball season & we have a great team! We're proud to introduce you to J. Landon, T. Milligan, R. Cormier, M. Keating & P. Gilbert. Our unified partners who gladly share their time to mentor & teach the sport to our athletes are T. Hagen, D. Cormier, J. Jolosky, T. Cormier & C. Coulter.

On Jan. 30, 2013, Enumclaw Hornets Special Olympics team played against the White River Hornets Special Olympics team for a "Bonding of the Bridge" game. And wow! What a game it was! It was fantastic to see so many athletes & volunteers from both sides of the bridge! But we also have to acknowledge the FANS on both sides of the court! What an amazing site to see, so many kids, teens & adults supporting our athletes.

We'd love to see anyone & everyone come support our very own Enumclaw Special Olympics Hornets Team! We are proud to represent you, our fellow community members!