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Safer Schools Grant



Our high school has the chance to earn up to $200,000 in safe schools grant money, but we need your help spreading the word.

Every day from today until December 13, we are encouraging students, staff, and community members to vote! It is only fitting that we start voting on Voting Day!

Why is it worth your time?
There is simply no price we can put on the safety of our students and staff.

Voting is really easy.
* Texting took less than 30 seconds. Simply text Enumclaw High School to 99222.
* Online took less than 1 minute. Go to stanleysaferschools.com. Enter your email address. Type in Enumclaw High School. Click on our picture. Click on Vote. (After voting the first time you will automatically see our picture and can just click on that to vote.)

Thank you for helping us win this Grant!

For more information on this great opportunity, read the flyer by clicking here.