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King Visits Kibler



A special guest, Nana, came to our classroom, invited by one of our students, C. Riches.

Nana is a royalty chief from the Republic of Ghana, a country in Western Africa which was founded in 1957. Nana has been a chief for 30 years and he speaks 7 different languages. Nana is the political and social center in his village and he has great influence in Ghana’s government.

This is the first time Nana has visited an American school room. He came dressed in his chieftaincy regalia. The stunning, golden ring and exquisite, bronze necklace represents his people. He talked about traditions and customs of Ghana. He described his day as a Chief. He spoke about a typical day in the life of a child in Ghana and he taught us a song that students learn when they attend school. We played skin-covered hand drums which Nana brought for each student in our classroom.

Kailee asked, “What is your favorite color?”

Nana grinned and giggled, “It is sky blue!” Nana is not used to answering questions about himself. He is used to solving problems surrounding his country and his people.

Hadley expressed, “I have never thought about how different people can be. Words cannot say how I feel!”

Emma declared, “It is not every day that you get to meet a chief from Ghana!”

This was truly an extraordinary visit! chief from Ghana!”