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Thank YOU, Voters!



Dear Enumclaw School District Community,

On behalf of the Board of Directors as well as staff members and students in the Enumclaw School District and I am extremely grateful to the voters in the Enumclaw School District for overwhelmingly passing our Maintenance and Operations levy and Instructional Technology levy. Like all 295 districts in the state of Washington, this levy represents approximately 20% of our school district budget. We are so thankful for the amazing community support for our public schools. Our 4200 students and 550 staff members appreciate you!

Thank You!

Like many of you, I have found myself “caught up in” Seahawk Fever! I have many favorite memories of the season, but my favorite occurred during the Seahawk playoff game with the New Orleans Saints. The Seahawks never seemed to be able to "put away" the Saints and as a result, many of us were "on the edge of our seats" for the entire game! Toward the end of the 4th quarter the game became uncomfortably tight. With less than three minutes to go, Russell Wilson threw a key pass to Doug Baldwin. It was the next play that Marshawn Lynch ran in for a touchdown that ultimately was the deciding factor in the game. If you were like Britt and me, we both felt so relieved when our friend Marshawn scored that touchdown! :) It was a great Seahawk victory and now we all know the Seahawks were victorious in both the NFC Championship game and the Super Bowl!!

There was a key quote that occurred after Doug Baldwin's incredible catch that wasn’t picked up by reporters and wasn’t trending the next day, but I think it should. Our friend Doug was tackled and landed out of bounds. In the contact that was made, his helmet flew off. He quickly got up off of the field and looked for his helmet. From the camera angle, I couldn't see who handed it to him, but I did see what followed. In this moment, you could tell Doug made eye contact with the person, made a positive hand gesture of acknowledgement and said, "Thank you." I have watched this small clip over and over in admiration.

Yes, at an intense moment in the middle of a professional football game, Doug Baldwin said, "Thank you" to the person who handed him his helmet that had fallen off. Remembering to say "thank you," even in your busiest moments is a lesson that Doug Baldwin taught us by his actions. As superintendent, I sure appreciate this type of behavior to be seen by our students.

Again, I am genuinely thankful for your support of our school levies.

Thank you!