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Request For Architect Qualifications



Enumclaw School District No. 216

Request for Architect Qualifications

Enumclaw School District No. 216 (the “District”) invites you to submit your firm’s qualifications with regard to an anticipated bond election for new and modernized facilities. The bond is anticipated to be run in the spring 2015, but that date has not yet been firmly established. The District is in the early stages of pre-bond planning for projects that may include a new elementary school, modernization and addition to an existing high school, and various infrastructure projects throughout the District. The exact scope of these projects will be determined through a process including the community, board of directors, district staff, and the architect. In accordance with chapter 39.80 RCW, the District is utilizing the Request for Qualifications process for acquiring architectural and certain engineering services. For purposes of this submittal, engineering firm qualifications will be limited to those traditionally provided under the management of the architect (structural, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering). The selection process may or may not include interviews of one or more of the responding firms in order to make a determination of the preferred firm.

We ask that you provide your qualifications by 4:00 P.M. October 15, 2014 to:

Mr. Tim Madden

Director, Business and Operations

Enumclaw School District

2929 McDougall Ave.

Enumclaw, WA. 98022-7499

There is no page limit nor format restriction on your submittal. We look forward to your creative efforts.

Minimum Submittal Requirements:

1. Provide general information about your firm including size, location, and length of time in business.

2. Demonstrate examples of elementary new construction projects as well as high school modernization and addition projects. Note which of these projects involved Washington State funding assistance.

3. Include a discussion of your knowledge of the Enumclaw community as it relates to the project in question.

4. Describe your firm’s experience and capability in providing concise, inclusive, creative support in working with all parties associated with developing a successful bond campaign. Please list staff names, their respective roles and specific examples of projects where this function was provided by members of your firm.

5. Provide a list of proposed architectural staff, their respective roles for the Enumclaw School District projects, and professional resume for each.

6. Include a description of how your firm is different from others and how those differences might benefit the Enumclaw School District.

7. Provide a list of professional engineers and other consultants that you propose for your team and a brief summary of their relevant experience.

8. List professional references and testimonials from school district clients, preferably from the superintendent level.

9. Include a statement of the firm’s professional liability insurance limits and policy status.

10. Include a certification that your firm is not debarred or otherwise prohibited or restricted from entering into public works contracts.

Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to receiving your statement of qualifications on October 15, 2014.