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Middle School Students Launch New Reading Intervention Program



Students at both Enumclaw Middle School and Thunder Mountain Middle School have begun the new school year building their reading skills using a new reading intervention program called Read180. This program, currently serving students at both schools, combines direct instruction from their teacher along with digital content and tools using student laptop computers.

The online portion of this tool provides each student with a variety of texts to read, including fiction books as well as informational books and articles. It does have students building their writing skills as well. They have a writing zone on the computer software program as well as the direct instruction gets them writing about what they are reading and increasing their skills in this area. One unique feature of this digital program is that each individual student is matched to the instructional reading level that is just right for him or her as a reader. Research shows over and over again the importance of this quality in order for students to make the most progress in their reading skills. Teachers also are able to use the digital tools to introduce important reading skills, to provide individual practice in reading skills, and to monitor the reading progress of each individual student in the program.

Early indications of this research-based program show students highly motivated and engaged in the work, using the digital tools and content. In addition, teachers are noting that students are already demonstrating progress in building their own reading skills, which helps them to be successful in all subject areas throughout their day, as well as on important assessment measures.

We are proud of our students for their hard work to improve their reading skills and appreciative to the staff members who have worked diligently to take part in training, learning, and successfully using this new and exciting online program!