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Seven TMMS Teams in Weekend Competitions



This past weekend five teams competed in the bridge competition at the Museum of Flight and two teams competed in a robotics competition at Lake Washington High school.

20th Annual Bridge Competition:
Student had to build a bridge out of Popsicle sticks and glue that met several criteria. Students researched, designed and built several models before building their competition bridges. Five teams took their bridges to the competition and were tested by industry professionals to see how many pounds of pressure their bridge could withstand. Students arrived at the museum by 7:30 am and stayed until the competition was completed. Student bridges that did not meet criteria had to modify their bridges, on the spot, to meet the criteria before they could enter the competition. Students participating were: Team one: A. Moore, M. Kelley-Knopp and D. Arnold Team 2: N. Harberts and E. McClintock Team 3: E. Scott, J. Ravi and K. Mulligan-Veenker Team 4: R. Mason, K. Kalin, P. Record and F. Gunderson Team 5: C. Reid and C. Hilderbrand

Lake Washington High School VEX Robotics Tournament:
Thunder Mountain had two teams compete against 26 high school and two middle school teams in the Skyrise Challenge. Students had to design, build and program a robot that could stack a Skyrise and put blocks on the Skyrise and other poles around the field. Teams also had to submit an engineering journal that documented the design process and recorded everything that the teams worked on. The two teams have been preparing for their tournament since November. Here are the team members and their place in the tournament. Team Hasselechter: (placed 10th overall): G. Hanson, W. Hanson, M. Hesselgesser, J. Hechter and C. Oglesbee Team Titans: (placed 26th overall): G. Noel, C. Rogel, R. Dooley, and H. Day

Congratulations to all!