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EMS Student Speaks at We Day



Gabrielle DeMarco, 7th grade student at EMS, has won the Bright Future scholarship award with the Unilever Project Sunlight organization. In being selected for this honor, Gabrielle will be attending a camp this summer at the Windsong Peace and Leadership Center just outside Tucson, Arizona. She will be learning about issues of the environment, sustainability and how our school can stay on the path of being earth-friendly in the future.Gabrielle rehearsing at WE Day

Gabrielle had the great honor of sharing her passion for the environment last Thursday at We Day, an annual convention held at Key Arena hosting approximately 16,000 student leaders from the Seattle area. You may view Gabrielle's statement at We Day Seattle by visiting http://goo.gl/ukQElz. She will also be speaking at We Day Chicago this Thursday, April 30, where she will have the opportunity to share with another audience of over 15,000 about her passion for the environment.

Below is Gabrielle's 300-word statement included as part of her application materials for this scholarship. (Note - This is a different statement than what she said on the stage.) John F. Kennedy once said, "One person can make a difference and everyone should try.” Enumclaw Middle School decided to put his words to the test to save the environment. Many people think our world's problems are too big for us to solve. I know differently. Individuals, united with other individuals, can change the world. We started project by project to help the environment. Compost and recycle bins were placed in the lunchroom. Student volunteers have educated others on sustainable waste elimination. Many students now practice this at home. We have also helped many of the elementary students in our district understand environmentally friendly food waste options. My favorite project has been researching a water bottle filling station, which we now have. Many students bring their own reusable water containers to school. Since August, we have saved the environment from 10,000 plastic water bottles. It feels good to help sustain economic, energy and water resources. We initiated an energy sustainability campaign to remind students to turn off the lights at school and home and to wear coats. Some may think it inconsequential, but I know every bottle, item recycled/composted or energy conserved makes a difference to our world. Helen Keller reminds us, "Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much."

Gabrielle speaking at WE Day