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Sunday Evening News: "Mentor" and "Mentee"



This story was taken from Mr. Nelson's Sunday Evening News on 1.11.09:

You can never underestimate the role of mentorship and being a role model. In this scenario, I believe both the "mentor" and the "mentee" will remember this particular event for a long period of time!

The following event occurred at Sunrise Elementary last week. Phil Engebretsen and his varsity basketball players were the role models. The story below was written by Title One teacher Desi Gibb and posted to Sunrise News.

WOW! The high school varsity basketball team visited Sunrise today to deliver holiday books to our students. One of the players read, Salt In His Shoes -Michael Jordan In Pursuit of a Dream by Deloris Jordan. The Sunrise students were silent as they listened to this story! He (B. Waters) was so brave to take a seat in front of 25 + kids AND his teammates!! I am pretty sure one kindergartner is going to be putting salt in his shoes when he gets home!!!

Then each player gave the K-5 students a word of wisdom about school or life. A strong message of never giving up, believing in yourself, staying in school, and appreciating your parents was clearly communicated to our kids. I felt inspired knowing that these individuals are coming out of our school district!!!! They were amazingly warm and kind!

Phil- Thank you for this opportunity for our students to be inspired by your players!

I am so thankful and appreciative of stories like this. I love that our basketball players stepped out of the high school, out of their role on the basketball court to show kindness and leadership in a way that will be remembered by these students for a very long time.

Until next week, Happy Learning,