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EMS Student Won Patriot's Pen Writing Contest - updated 11/19 at 10:06am



EMS 6th grade student S.DeMarco has won the Patriot's Pen writing contest for the Enumclaw VFW Post 1949. This essay has been submitted to the next round, which is the VFW district level. For more information, please contact Derick Segurson.

Her essay is below:

"The dictionary tells us freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. To me, freedom is captured in faces, not words. I think of our country’s history and its heroes. I think of those who fought for freedom, those who stood for freedom, and those who embodied freedom.

Freedom is the power to act. It is Rosa Parks standing for freedom to live equally. It is Benjamin Franklin standing for American freedom on Engand’s soil. It is our founding fathers gathering for freedom and signing a Declaration of Independence guaranteeing each man and woman freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Freedom is the power to dream. It is Amelia Earhart dreaming of having the freedom to fly. It is Martin Luther King who had “a dream” of brotherhood, and a nation that was an oasis of “freedom and justice”. It was Neil Armstrong who dreamed the impossible and took one “small step for man and a giant leap for mankind.” It is Abraham Lincoln who dreamed of peace in conflict and unity in war.

Freedom is the power to choose. It is the Miracle Worker, Anne Sullivan, who chose to see potential in Helen Keller and freed her to communicate. It is thousands of men and women, who have risked their futures, their families and their lives to fight for the freedoms of America and its citizens. It is mothers who give their children wings to fly. It is teachers that free their students to think. It is children who see the world as possibility and refuse to be told they can not make a difference.

Freedom is to be treasured. Gail Halvorsen once told me that he had asked some children in post World War II Germany why they were so happy, despite having nothing. They responded, "We have freedom and that is worth more than anything." For those with freedom, it is often taken for granted. For those without freedom, it is priceless. To me, freedom is living in a country where I get to stand for what I believe in, even if I stand alone. Where I can pursue my dreams, no matter how unrealistic. Where my freedom to choose has been paid for in the blood of those who truly valued freedom."

Updated 11/19 at 11:06am:
*2nd Place winner is G. DeMarco, also from Enumclaw Middle School
*3rd Place winner is L. Laukala from Thunder Mountain Middle School

Congratulations to all three of our students!