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EMS Art Students' Varied Mediums



Mrs. Kathy Lobdell, EMS Art Teacher, provided eighth grade students with an unusual but very interesting way to express and develop their art talents.

These students recently created art masterpieces made from old 33 1/3 vinyl records. Mrs. Lobdell found many old vinyl records at the school district’s surplus sale, which were from our elementary schools, for the students to use with this project.

(To prepare her students for this project, she gave them each a Shrinky Dink to color and then Mrs. Lobdell heated them all up. While the students didn’t have control of heating their Shrinky Dinks, it gave them exposure to what happens to their art when materials are heated.)

For this vinyl project, the students first colored their records with colored pencils to create a Radial Symmetrical Design that followed the groves of the record and then the students heated their records, softening them to form their sculpture into whatever shapes they each wanted. The records, displayed in the library, turned out wonderfully as you can see by some of these above examples!

Her eighth graders also finished two other projects. For one project, they cut pizza boxes (from their lunches) and created corrugated cardboard portraits of celebrities, some of which are shown below. Do you recognize these celebrities?

These students also created Silver and Gold Metallic Scratch Art Designs. They created their image using a scratch tool to remove the black outer coating of the board and then used a variety of lines to develop the look and texture of their image. Check out these examples:

Mrs. Lobdell’s 7th grade art students used magazines as their medium. They flattened and rolled the magazines into their desired shapes and decorated them with a variety of embellishments. This planter shaped example below left is in the drying stage while the rest are complete.

Her 6th grade and ILC (Independent Learning Center) students wove yarn, donated by staff, over plastic cups using a weaving technique.

Mrs. Lobdell’s ILC students also painted with their art medium of toilet paper rolls, cut and attached to the boards as shown below:

All of these art projects have been on display in the EMS Library and the main halls. What will the next medium be for Mrs. Lobdell’s art students to create with?