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Transforming Student Learning with Devices!



During the past few months, hundreds of students from across our system at Enumclaw High School, Thunder Mountain Middle School and Enumclaw MIddle School have begun to experience a transformed learning experience, as part of our Connected Classroom Project.

This project has provided class sets of Chromebook laptops in each student’s hands in fifteen Connected Classrooms, representing Mathematics, Science, English/Language Arts, Foreign Language and Social Studies. Students and teachers are experiencing exciting things as we change learning with these devices.

Examples from our own classrooms include students communicating across time and space on a Google Hangout with American teachers in the Middle East, having their comments selected and posted to the New York Times website in response to a current events article, collaborating with their teacher on math problem-solving in real-time, creating learning videos about reading strategies......the list goes on and on!

We look forward to expanding this project in fall, 2016 by making Chromebook devices accessible to all 5th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade students across our system!

Watch a short video clip here to see more examples and hear from several Enumclaw teachers about how this instructional project is changing learning and teaching for our students.

Learn more about our work by visiting http://www.enumclaw.wednet.edu/departments/technology/default.aspx.