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Happy Certificated Week!



Celebrations are occurring all over the district this week for our teachers, counselors, psychologists and other specialists thanks to our PTAs and classified staff.

At Black Diamond Elementary staff were treated to doors decorated with gardens, massages from a licensed masseuse, coffee from Mocha Motion, a garden luncheon yesterday, and classified staff made certificated staff breakfast today. Staff were also given a plant to 'pick' for helping the children 'grow'!

Wonderful treats and lunches were provided at other schools as well, including cinnamon rolls baked by our high school Nutrition Services staff delivered by our Cabinet to each school one day this week. Other examples include:

Enumclaw Middle School celebrated their certified staff with "Super Hero Teacher" appreciation week. On Monday they had Super Soup Luncheon hosted by the classified staff. On Tuesday, EMS families brought sweet, salty and savory treats to enjoy. Wednesday featured "Breakfast of Champions", before school where the whole staff was invited to breakfast. Thursday they had a coffee, hot chocolate, tea bar along with the district cinnamon rolls and on Friday the PTSO will be purchasing Mocha Motion coffee and there will be desserts during PLC.

A Southwood Elementary bulletin board was decorated in the staff room along with bowls of M&M's! PTA decorated the teachers’ doors and their classified staff provided dessert day on Monday and a baked potato lunch on Tuesday. Mrs. Arbury provided chicken croissant sandwiches and fruit for lunch on Wednesday. Their PTA provided an Italian themed lunch on Thursday and coffees from Mocha Motion today.

Westwood Elementary chooses to combine their celebrations for both classified and certificated staff, so next week there is something special ready for each day.

Thank you to all our certificated staff for all you do to help our students learn, achieve and succeed at their highest levels!