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Leadership Team Connects with Community Agencies



The Leadership Team typically gathers around tables in the District Office to discuss goals and plans of action, but not this week. The emblem of school districts across the nation, the bright yellow bus, arrived at 7:30 a.m. to transport the District Leadership Team into the community. We visited four sites and heard from nine community agencies that provide health and wellness services to our local families in need. This year Enumclaw School District is embracing the tenets of ASCD’s Whole Child Initiative by making quality connections with local service providers. Today’s mission is to fully understand the services that are accessible to those who need support: tutoring centers, youth centers, senior centers, counseling services, food banks, clothing banks, showers, laundry facilities, transportation, drug and alcohol education, utility assistance, emergency housing. . . and the list could go on.

Click here to watch a video about the experience.

Unfortunately, many families are still unaware of the services and agencies that are available to them in times of need. Students still arrive at school hungry, cold, and distraught – in short, many are not ready to learn when the school day begins. Our Leaders saw a need, so they sought better connections and deeper understandings with the community service agencies that provide assistance. During the visits to the agencies on the chilly October morning, questions about communication between agencies, timelines for service, making referrals and appointments, along with sliding scale and free services were asked. We learned over and over again that our community service agencies care deeply about respect, dignity, and wellness for every family in our community.

The trip was incredibly successful. Each participant gained a greater understanding of individuals we serve and the opportunities to connect with community service providers who truly care about the well-being of the whole child. The lively chatter as we loaded the bus back to District office focused on sharing this information with other professionals in our District – from teachers to counselors to support staff. The response from our Leadership Team was overwhelming, greater than anticipated, and the experience will be replicated in late November for another busload of caring professionals from the Enumclaw School District.