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Happy Classified Public School Employee Week!



This tradition started in 1975 to recognize the contributions of educational support professionals in the public school system. We want to thank and celebrate our classified staff who work towards providing a quality education as well as a safe and positive learning environment.

WA Public School Employees Classified Week

Our district’s 280 classified staff work in a variety of visible and behind the scenes roles that support our students, staff and families. For example, what would our school days look like without Nutrition Services to provide healthy meals, or without Operational Technology, which encompasses an enormous part of our school and work days? Students and staff are grateful for the warm meals; encouragement, learning opportunities, and support that make the day run smoothly.

Many of our Classified Staff are veteran employees that add immensely to our success as a district. Facts to celebrate include:

  • *Five staff have worked for over 30 years,
  • *46 staff have worked from 20 - 29 years,
  • *43 staff have worked from 15 - 19 years.

It is impossible to mention every contribution of our classified staff, but with such varied classified roles within our system, we want to give you a small glimpse of some of the duties performed in each category. (There are more duties not listed below.)

Custodial, Grounds and Maintenance staff have varied roles including vacuuming and mopping floors, emptying garbage and recycling, painting interior and exterior surfaces, HVAC maintenance, plumbing, electrical, roof repair, gutter cleaning, glass replacement, mowing, weeding, and preparing athletic fields.

Nutrition Services staff prepares (and cleans-up after) breakfasts and lunches daily, provides catering, tracks free/reduced meals, and provides a free Summer Food Program.

Para educator roles include Self-Contained classrooms, Resource, Title 1, LAP, ELL, Library, Transition and ISS (In School Suspension)/Solution Room staff. They help students learn to problem solve, encourage students to persevere and achieve in hard subject areas, work with students dealing with significant challenges, assist on buses, work as Crossing Guards and so much more.

Professional/Technical roles include Nurses/Health Room, Technology Operations (client systems, network, servers, data integration, student information system, student assessments, technology purchasing, and creative technologies), ECEAP Program Specialist, ECEAP Family Services Specialist, Native American Specialist, Cultural Specialist, Security Specialist, Career Center Specialist, COTA, and Auditorium Tech.

Secretarial roles include Office Managers, Secretaries, High School Bookkeeper, and Registrar who provide a wide array of services to students, staff, and parents including student records management, attendance, registration and more. They not only keep our buildings organized and running, they are often our face to the public.

Transportation staff includes Drivers, Dispatchers, and Mechanics - positions related to transporting our students to and from school, on field trips and athletic events.

We also have some additional Classified District level staff (Fiscal Officer, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, Communications and Alumni Specialist, Technology Operations Leader, Human Resources Specialist, Facilities Coordinator, Food Services Supervisor and Transportation Supervisor) not included in the above categories.

All of these roles are integral in educating our students, so thank you again for all your hard work!