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Be the Change



Enumclaw High School students are boldly stepping up to lead character development initiatives this month. While they are preparing to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in an all school assembly on Friday, a small cadre of Leadership students in Mr. Dave Stokke’s class are asking their peers to step up. The Leadership students prepared a week of lessons embracing the character traits Dr. King embodied and turning those small lessons into a week long focus on improving character throughout the entire school.

EHS Senior Austin Willson is a stand out Senior who is taking the lead for this project. He shared the idea behind the week, “In our leadership class right now we are doing something called a character dare, which is basically a 40 day period of time wherein class every day we watch a video that dares us to do a certain thing that would better our character, and make us better individuals. We decided to use these words and these dares because we believe these are personal characteristics that Dr. King stood for. Our slogan “Be The Change” is telling our students that even though they feel like they alone cannot make a change, the butterfly effect says that one small change can make a huge difference around the world. We believe that if we show an example of how these days can make a large difference in the culture of our school for a week, we can change it for good.”

The focus words for the week and the dares are:
Monday - Kindness
“We dare you to compliment 2 people you know and 2 people you don't know. And give high fives as you pass others.”
Tuesday - Selflessness
“We dare you to let someone else go before you in a line and or help a table mate in class”
Wednesday - Respect
“ We dare you to thank your teachers after class and stay off your phone while in class”
Thursday - Positivity
“We dare you to restrain from negative talk and keep a positive mindset. “
Friday - Reflection
“We dare you to think back on this week's dares and challenge yourself to do as many dares as possible today”

With each day of dare, teachers have bracelets that they hand out to the students who complete the dares. In Friday’s assembly, everyone who got a bracelet will stand up to demonstrate the power of the week long focus on character. Austin said, “We want our school to be that small change that makes a huge difference.” It’s leaders like Austin who will make a great change in all they choose to do.