Capital Levy For School Improvements And Instructional Technology 2008-09

As the result of 18 months of facility and technology research and review and staff and community surveys, the Enumclaw School District Board of Directors has decided to run a Capital Levy for School Improvements and Instructional Technology. This levy will allow the school district to replace the roof at Enumclaw Middle School, upgrade heating systems at Westwood Elementary, Enumclaw Middle School and Enumclaw High School.

Additionally, the levy will allow the school district to build the foundation to provide instructional technology in each of our schools. The instructional technology will allow classrooms to begin to prepare students for the post high school world and will begin to decrease the instructional technology gaps between our school district and our neighboring school districts. This is an important and exciting time. Please read further for more details about the levy.

Ballot Measure

The Board of Directors of Enumclaw School District No. 216 adopted Resolution No. 931, concerning a proposition to finance school improvements and instructional technology. This proposition would authorize the District to replace roof and heating systems at Enumclaw Middle School, upgrade heating systems at Westwood Elementary, Enumclaw High School and other schools, acquire instructional technology infrastructure and equipment to improve student learning, and levy the following excess taxes, on all taxable property within the District.

Levy Rate

Approximate Levy Rate/$1000

Collection Year Assessed Value Amount
2010 $0.87 $2,950,000
2011 $0.82 $2,850,000
$0.39 $1,390,000
2013 $0.33 $1,210,000

Contact Information

Director, Business & Operations :
William Hatzenbeler

General Questions
Mike Nelson

Community Events

December 16, 2008: EHS Library, Parent Meeting, 6:00p.m.
January 8, 2009: Rotary, 12:00 p.m.
February 3, 2009: Ballot Measure - Election Day