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Replacement of Expiring Levy for Educational Programs and Operations

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On the February 2018 ballot, Enumclaw School District will ask the community to vote on the Replacement of Expiring Levy for Educational Programs and Operations. This levy will replace the four-year Maintenance and Operations Levy that expires at the end of 2018. This is not a new tax; in fact it is a lower tax than past local levies.







*In February 2014 local voters approved the Maintenance & Operations Levy at a rate up to $3.89 per $1000 assessed value for collection in years 2015-2018. The Replacement of Expiring Levy for Educational Programs and Operations is proposed at a rate of $1.50 per $1000 assessed value for collection in years 2019-2022.

Levies provide the District with means to extend learning and growth opportunities for our nearly 4000 students beyond the state’s basic education funding. Levy funds ensure our District’s quality education programs continue in safe, well maintained and clean schools. Here’s what the upcoming Replacement of Expiring Levy for Educational Programs and Operations impacts:

  • Safety and Security
    Safe schools are important to our staff, students and families. Levy dollars will be used for adding and upgrading security cameras and installing fencing in critical areas.
  • Special Education
    Services, equipment, staffing and opportunities are provided for students birth to 21 who qualify for special education. State and federal funding is supplemented with levy dollars to meet the diverse needs of our population.
  • Early Learning
    In September 2017 the Birth to Five Center at JJ Smith Elementary was opened. Our District plans to offer a range of services and opportunities for families and their young children. Staffing and resources are needed to provide a greater array of services.
  • Special Programs
    Special programs (such as drama, music, art, and intervention) provide opportunities for our students. Staffing, equipment and resources for special programs are both grant and levy funded.
  • Athletics and Activities
    Coaches, advisors, competitions, transportation, equipment and materials help cultivate skills and extend learning for many students.
  • Transportation
    Safe routes to and from school for all students requires more than state provided transportation funding. Enumclaw School District encompasses one of the largest geographic areas in the state and safety is a top priority.
  • Staff Training
    Levy dollars contribute to paying for access to professional development opportunities and hiring qualified substitutes when needed.


Collection years and amounts show the overall impact of the levy for our local taxpayers.

Collection Years

Approximate Levy Rate per $1,000 Assessed Value

Annual Levy Amount














Senior citizens or persons with disabilities may qualify for property tax reductions or exemptions.  More information is available through the King County Assessor’s office at 206-296-3920 or http://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/assessor/Common-Questions/Seniorss.aspx


If you have questions about the levy facts and information as presented, please reach out to our team. The Replacement of Expiring Levy for Educational Programs and Operations is the only levy that Enumclaw School District is presenting on the February ballot.

Superintendent, Mike Nelson
360.802.7102 or michael_nelson@enumclaw.wednet.edu

Director of Business & Operations, Ed Hatzenbeler
360.802.7107 or ed_hatzenbeler@enumclaw.wednet.edu