Initiative 728

What is Initiative 728?

Initiative 728 appeared on the November 2, 2000 ballot in Washington state, and voters approved it by nearly 72 percent.

I-728 provides additional funding to help students meet the new state learning standards. It also dedicates certain state revenues to a "Student Achievement Fund" which will increase revenue to the fund over time. Under I-728, school districts are authorized to use funds to reduce class size; provide extended learning opportunities; provide additional professional development for educators; provide early assistance for children who need pre-kindergarten support; and provide building improvements relating to class-size reductions.

What does I-728 do?

It provides funding to implement education reform and improved student learning. There are six allowable uses of the new funds.

  1. Reduce class sizes in grades K-4.
  2. Make selected class size reductions in grades 5-12.
  3. Provide extended learning for students in K-12.
  4. Provide additional professional development for educators.
  5. Provide early assistance for children who need pre-kindergarten support.
  6. Provide improvements or additions to school facilities which are directly related to class-size reductions and extended learning opportunities.