Black Diamond Elementary Gallery

BD cracked tile

BD Cracked Tile - The building has settled creating cracks in the floor tiles. This is in the older section of the building, which needs to be replaced.


bd parking

BD Limited Parking - The school is central to the community and hosts many events. There is inadequate parking to accommodate staff and community.


BD entrance
BD Entrance - The entrance to Black Diamond Elementary is very difficult to monitor, creating safety and security challenges.
BD outside

Due to limited space in the building, 40% of the students are currently housed in portables.


BD unhoused students

Unhoused Students - 40% of our students at Black Diamond Elementary learn in portable classrooms, which are small, cramped spaces without running water or bathrooms.


BD monitoring portables

Monitoring Portables - The portable classrooms are adjacent to outside public property that is difficult to monitor and secure. In the new school, students will be learning in one secure building.


BD portable classroom size

Size of Portable Classrooms - Portable classrooms are very small, and not an ideal learning environment.


BD portables behind gym
Two portable classrooms are currently hidden behind the gymnasium and out of view from the main office and other parts of the campus.