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The Enumclaw High School Modernization and Addition will occur in three phases spanning July 2016 through December 2019. Students will remain on campus while renovations and construction of the new spaces occur. Portables will be moved from Black Diamond to the High School campus to accommodate closures in parts of the building.


* Safe and secure addition of 122,000 square feet with classrooms, library, science labs, and flexible learning spaces on the south side of the Enumclaw High School campus

* Creating a more secure facility for students, guests and staff with a 1000 Wing replacement structure that will dovetail into the remodeled commons, offices, and art and automotive wing (remodeled in 2000)

Construction Timeline

EHS Timeline 2016-2020
Click here to access the full size pdf of the Enumclaw High School Project Schedule.


The original three-story brick High School stood from 1921-1960 on Porter Street. It was demolished soon after closing. In 1960 the current Enumclaw High School building opened at the Semanski Street site. Several additions and remodels have occurred, bringing it to 195,595 square feet and housing nearly 1,400 students at the end of the 2015-2016 school year.

Enumclaw and Black Diamond voters passed a bond by supermajority in April 2015. The bond funds were combined with state funds to remodel and connect parts of the existing structures plus construct a two-story addition to provide a safe and uniform learning environment.