Black Diamond Predesign Work

 At their November 17, 2014 meeting, the Enumclaw School District Board of Directors approved NAC as the architectural firm to begin Predesign work for the renovation at Enumclaw High School and the new Black Diamond Elementary School.  In collaboration with school district staff, NAC organized a process in which a team of students, parents and staff would engage in a 60 - 75 day process for creating a predesign for each project.  This team met several times from December until Spring 2015.  Below are the members of each team.

EHS Design Team

Black Diamond Elementary Design Team

Jill Burnes
Phil Engebretsen
Kevin Smith
Bob Kilmer
Lyndsey Ryan
Paul Scott
Mark Berryhill
Ramona Bray
Doug Wolff
Kent Bastings
T. Huizenga, student
B. Humphreys, student
Lu Blair, parent
Richelle Kranz, parent
Tim Madden
Pete French
Tom Alexander

Gerrie Garton
Holly Bezon
Brenda Harris
Susan Laurnen
Desta Olds
Tim Danielson, parent
Tanya Valison, parent
Tim Madden
Pete French
Tom Alexander

Predesign Community Meeting 1.13.15

Predesign Meetings (pdf)

Black Diamond Predesign Workshop (pdf)

Elementary Predesign Team Site Visits (pdf)