Study and Survey Process

The Study and Survey required by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) was a key piece to the decision. Earlier in the year, the district, through an OSPI grant, hired BLRB Architects to perform the tedious task of evaluating the district’s buildings, analyzing its future growth, delving into its bond capacity and based on that information, create a long range facility plan that includes a cost-benefit analysis for modernizing or replacing existing buildings.

Districts that wish to receive state financial assistance for construction or modernization/ replacement projects are required to prepare or update their "Study and Survey" prior to requesting state funding assistance.

BLRB Architects Principals Tom Bates and Lee Fenton presented their survey to the Board at its October meeting. The completed study is available to the public for review here.

The pair reported Enumclaw's school facilities have been well maintained. The original buildings on the south campus of the high school are most in need for improvement. The number of buildings create a campus that is open and difficult to secure. There are more than 70 unrestricted outside access points into interior portions of the EHS campus or classrooms.

Age and security issues are also top priorities at Black Diamond Elementary School, which houses 40% of its students in portables, disconnected from the main building. The district's smallest school, with a capacity for just under 200 students (closer to 300 with its eight portable classrooms), is also projected to see the most growth in the near future due to new housing developments under way in its attendance area.

Architects point out Black Diamond Elementary and EHS were not the only facilities deserving of attention, but Southwood and Kibler elementary schools, for example, did not have needs that were as urgent.

It should be noted all Enumclaw School District’s schools have had some form of update or modernization in the past 25 years.

Study and Survey (PDF)