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District Nurse: 
Sonja Bookter

The focus of Health Services is to keep Enumclaw's students healthy and ready to learn. The school nurse's primary function is to strengthen and support the educational process through protection and promotion of the health status of students. The school nurse works with school staff and parents to identify students with health problems and concerns, and to develop a plan for their optimal participation in school activities.

Specially trained health room assistants and health room professionals (LPN's) provide health services for students in Enumclaw, working under the supervision of the district nurse, a registered nurse that holds education staff associate (ESA) certification.

Contact your health room assistant or professional when:

  • You have concerns or questions about your child's health
  • You want information about the health services in the community
  • You need to discuss healthy choices for your family
  • You need dental care for your child
  • Your child's attendance starts to change
  • A health problem might be a community health issue.

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