Publishing Guidelines

General Guidelines

These guidelines contain resources and documents related to publishing on the World Wide Web on the Enumclaw School District Network. Technology users and decision-makers in schools and District departments will find it an invaluable guide for publishing on the Web.

These guidelines were developed as a reference tool. This resource contains the ESD Web site goals, administrative regulations, and specific guidelines for publishing at all levels. It defines the roles of responsible participants from the District level to staff members who facilitate student publishers on the Web. Questions about these guidelines or updates should be directed to the Technology Coordinator.

Goals of the Enumclaw School District Web Site

To provide timely, supportive and educational information to the students, staff and Enumclaw community.

To provide easy access to a wide variety of rich media and educational resources which directly supports student achievement, professional development, and organizational effectiveness.

Standards for All Web Publishing

Material appropriate for placement on the Enumclaw School District Web site includes information about the District, department activities or services, schools, teachers or classes, student projects, and student extracurricular organizations. Educational resources for staff, students and the community may also be published online. Personal information, not related to education, will not be allowed on the Enumclaw School District Web site. All content published via the ESD network must comply with the following:

  1. Students, staff, and volunteers must have read and agreed to abide by the established ESD Acceptable Use Guidelines (pdf) and the appropriate Web Guidelines prior to publishing online.
  2. All publications must comply with all state, federal, and international laws concerning copyright, intellectual property rights, and legal uses of network computers. Students and faculty members must clearly identify the sources of documents they post, and provide complete citations for documents, or sources which are incorporated into the District/school web site. Copyrighted materials must be clearly identified, and prior written permission must be secured before using others’ copyrighted work in electronic form.
  3. All publications must comply with the Board policies, administrative regulations, these Web Publishing Guidelines, and other District guidelines provided for specific levels of publishing.
  4. School principal or his/her designee will be responsible for all content and subject matter posted on the school's web site. This person shall also be responsible for review of all pages to insure correct content and/or quality of published material.
  5. All district Web publications will reside primarily on the District’s network server(s).
  6. The Enumclaw School District makes every effort to insure that all links are operational; all information is accurate, appropriate, and of high quality. The District expects that standards are met. The viability of links that are not created through our District cannot be guaranteed.
  7. Publishing Expectations:
  8. All District Web pages should meet goals of high quality in both style and presentation.
  9. Correct grammar and spelling are expected. All information must be verifiable.
  10. Publications should be high quality and designed for clarity and readability.
  11. Publications must include a statement of copyright when appropriate and indicate that permission has been secured when including copyrighted materials.
  12. Publications on the district Web site must identify affiliation with the Enumclaw School District, and should link back to the main page from the front page of any school or department's main pages.
  13. Relevant referencing dates are required on all publications.
  14. All publications must include the District email address of the adult maintaining the page. If a student is the publisher, the sponsoring staff member’s email must be included as the responsible person. No student email addresses, whether a personal or district account, may be listed on any Web page. Only ESD staff members may act as student sponsors.
  15. Commercial use for the pursuit of personal or financial gain is prohibited.
  16. Web pages shall not contain the personal address or phone number of students.
  17. Web pages shall not display personally identifiable student pictures unless explicit parental permission has been granted by a parent’s signature on the Enumclaw School District’s Parent Permission for Publication of Student Photo form. It is required prior to publishing any identifying pictures of students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Each parent permission document must be retained on file as long as the student’s picture remains online. This permission document must be retained at the site where the student resides.
  18. Group photographs may be published on the server, but must be general in nature and may not include the names of specific students appearing in the photo. Parent/guardian permission is still required.
  19. It is permissible to display first names only of secondary student photos. No names are allowed for photos of elementary students.
  20. Student work may not be published on a web site unless both the student and the parent(s) or guardian(s) have signed the Web Publishing Permission Form. This signature page will reside with the designated staff member at the site where the student resides.

Levels of Publication

District Level

The District level refers to main publishing activities which represent the District as a whole, such as overall structure, style, the main "front pages," and general top level information. This level of publishing is conducted by the District Webmaster who carries out the goals of the Web site at this level.

Departments -  Administrative departments (such as Transportation or Personnel, etc.) may publish their own Web pages as part of the District’s Web site. The supervisor or director of each department is responsible for content and maintenance of departmental Web sites, though he/she may designate a department webmaster who will do the actual authoring of pages. The materials published online is to coincide with that department’s printed materials, but may also take full advantage of the resources and structure of the Web, using internal and external links to relevant references thus increasing the effectiveness of the information.

School Level

School Web sites are the responsibility of the building principal or designated staff member. This person is responsible to manage the school Web site and monitor class, teacher, student, and extracurricular Web pages. All official material originating from the school will be consistent with the district guidelines.

Staff - Teachers or other staff may create Web pages for use in class activities or to provide a resource for other teachers or staff members in the District. Staff publishers will be responsible for maintaining their class or educational resource sites. Staff Web pages must reflect positively upon the district and department or school. The designated staff member acts as a consultant for the school’s web site and is to be informed of planned publishing activities.

Students - Students may create and publish Web pages on the Enumclaw Web site as part of a class or school sponsored activity. Material presented on a student Web site must meet the educational objectives of the school-related activity, as well as follow District policy and guidelines. See the Student Web Publishing Check List. Personal Web pages are not allowed on the Enumclaw School District’s Web server. Student Web pages will be removed at the end of the school year unless special arrangements are made.

Material that fails to meet established educational objectives or that is in violation of a provision of the Web Publishing Guidelines will be removed.


Guide for the Principal and/or School Designee

This section is provided as a guide for the Principal and/or designated staff member of the school’s web site. published on or affiliated with the Enumclaw School District Network. Any staff member must follow these guidelines, as well as abide by all ESD Network rules and regulations. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for the appropriateness, authenticity, legal, and educational content of the web pages you generate. Please be sure to read all relevant guidelines pertaining to school and District publishing.

  1. All pages must reflect educational goals. This means that all staff and student’s web pages should clearly demonstrate the connections to educational projects, activities or goals.
  2. There must be a teacher or staff sponsor for every student page published on your school’s web site. This sponsor can be you, if you select students to participate in the development of the school’s web site., but you agree to accept responsibility for their pages. Please see the Staff Web Publishing Checklist.
  3. Where student pages are published, there must be an introduction written by the Sponsoring Teacher describing the intent of the web pages, accompanied by a District email address where that teacher can be reached.
  4. On the bottom of main page(s) a date must be provided indicating last update.
  5. No student email addresses for any student who publishes a page should be listed on the student’s web page. No commercial or private accounts are to be listed on any District web pages.
  6. Content guidelines for school web pages follow:
  7. Any use of obscene or inflammatory language will result in loss of network privileges.
  8. Last names of students are not to be published online.
  9. Links to other web sites must contain appropriate and educational materials and information.
  10. Games, links to games, and advertisements for games are not to be published online.
  11. There are to be no commercial advertisement links on any web pages.
  12. Any pictures being prepared for online publication must be cleared by the sponsoring teacher and must have received explicit permission for online publication from the parents of all identifiable students in the picture. Please see the Parent Permission for Publication of Student Photo form for details.