Black Diamond Elementary Students Use Technology for Daily Learning!

photo of bd students geography project


3rd and 4th grade students in Mrs. Cunningham’s class have recently been working on a geography research project. As part of this work, students have been using laptop computers provided in our district’s 2009 Instructional Technology Levy for watching online video clips to learn about different regions of the United States. After gathering information from online, these students used PowerPoint presentation software to create digital travel brochures as a way to showcase their learning.

As shown in the photos, students in our classroom settings are learning to collaborate with one another, to access online content for specific learning goals, and to build skills for using digital tools hand in hand with other traditional tools for learning. Technology infused in our classrooms, such as this, continues to help expand and enrich our students’ learning opportunities each day.

We’re proud of these students for their hard work and dedication to learning!