Technology In Action

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Technology In Action


Thanks to our local community for their support through the successful passage of our district’s 2009 Instructional Technology Levy, the amount and use of classroom technologies in every school has dramatically increased and expanded in the past few years.

Exciting things are happening each day to support student learning using our technology resources. Our district is fortunate to have a dedicated and knowledgeable team in the Department of Instructional Technology. They provide both informational and instructional technology support of all kinds to make these tools available for learning.

Exciting times are ahead for the continued thoughtful expansion and use of technology as a tool to help prepare all our students for a successful future.

In this section, you will find examples of how our technology is being used to enhance instruction and increase student achievement. Check back often for more examples.


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Transforming Student Learning With Devices!Chris Beals and link to his Transforming Student Learning with Devices webpage and video

4/27/2016 - During the past few months, hundreds of students from across our system at Enumclaw High School, Thunder Mountain Middle School and Enumclaw MIddle School have begun to experience a transformed learning experience, as part of our Connected Classroom project. Click the headline to learn more.