EHS Labs Realize Virtual Change in Technology


One of the many projects of the district’s operational technology team involved the selection of hardware, purchasing, setup and configuration of 122 virtual computers designated for Enumclaw High School. (Other behind the scenes work included network configuration and installation and room layouts by our Technology staff, electrical work by our Facilities staff and setup of the new tables by our Custodial staff.)

Why did they purchase virtual desktops and what does that mean?

A virtual desktop, also known as a zero client or thin client, consists of a small box that attaches to the back of a flat screen monitor. Not only does it use less electricity than a traditional desktop computer, but also it is very light and easy to relocate when class needs and locations change. The student or staff member using a zero client has no local software, which means when they log into the computer, they are actually logging into a virtual server in a different building that houses the software they need. Not only does this setup result in a faster machine, but also it makes supporting and maintaining these computers much easier and more efficient than the standard desktop or laptop.

During mid-winter break, members of our technology team unpacked over 600 boxes and completed the setup of 62 of these zero client machines or virtual desktops downstairs in the Enumclaw High School Library.

When students returned from break, these 62 machines were ready for use in the Library. Students became recipients of 30 zero clients, which replaced all 30 of the previous desktops in the back lab and 32 zero clients just outside of this back lab.EHS VDI Labs

EHS Library Media Specialist, Dewey Sullivan, has noticed an increased speed and likes that these zero clients are automatically connected to printers in their area. She also stated, "One teacher was pleased to note they are much faster than the laptops."

The remaining 60 zero clients are now in the process of being setup and configured for two labs upstairs in the high school Library for student use.

We are thrilled to use these virtual desktop computer labs to provide global access to our high school students and value the sustainability of these resources for current and future use at EHS!