Students Use Technology to Share Learning About the Human Body


Fourth grade students in Mr. Barnett’s class at Sunrise Elementary recently made use of online technology and student laptop devices as part of the culminating event to their study of the human body.  After researching and learning about different systems of the human body, these students created interactive displays to share their learning with other classes of students in the school as well as visitors to their classroom.

The students used technology, along with more traditional tools like display boards and hands-on examples to help visitors learn more about the human body and to engage them in a motivating way to show what they had learned. Students created interactive slide presentations, online quizzes about their displays, tests of speed in putting together models of the human body systems, and even created an online game-show format to “test” the learning of important concepts being showcased in their classroom displays.  

We’re proud of our students’ hard work and their ability to use technology tools in a meaningful way to collaborate, communicate, and showcase their learning. Congratulations to Mr. Barnett and his students for their use of Technology in Action!

Human body photos