Guidelines For Students With Special Needs

Students requiring special transportation consideration must be approved and set up by Special Services. Special Services will advise the transportation department of the specific requirements.

Transportation, when set up by Special Services, is curb to curb whenever possible. In some instances, students may be required to walk a short distance to a stop location.


If your student is not going to school or you are transporting, call the transportation office and the school to report your child's absence. Please be able to provide the bus number your child rides. The office opens at 6:30am each day, and you may reach us at 360.802.7232.

If your child's absence goes unreported for a period of more than two days, we will discontinue transportation until we hear from you.

After first assuring that our clocks/watches are set for the correct time, we will be forced to leave the stop after waiting for two minutes. This practice was developed to keep the route on schedule for the benefit of all our students.

The pick up and drop off point must be the same from day to day. We will allow two permanent stops on a weekly schedule for daycare purposes. We will not be able to pick up or drop off at different addresses on different days of the week.

Students can not be released to individuals other than their parent/guardian without prior permission, and an adult must be present in order for us to release your student.

It is very important that your child use the restroom prior to boarding the bus. The driver can not stop to take your child to the restroom as there are a number of other students in his/her care.

Please take the time to go over the bus rules with your child. Working together we can safely transport your child.


All wheelchairs must have a seat belt for the occupant, working brakes and properly inflated tires. All wheelchairs will be inspected by transportation personnel.

Car seats:

Car seats will be provided by Enumclaw School District.