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Alumni Spotlight

Making the MOST of Enumclaw High School education.

EHS graduates have the world to explore and a plethora of career options with an EHS diploma in hand. Entrepreneurs, engineers, musicians, artists, lawyers, coaches, doctors - our graduates achieve great heights, using their EHS education as a springboard to their adventures.

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Fred Gramann, Class of 1968

Fred Gramann
As Director of Music at The American Church in Paris, the world’s greatest cathedrals serve as stage for 1968 Enumclaw High graduate.

After graduating for Enumclaw High School, Gramann went on to earn a bachelor of music in organ performance from Syracuse University and a master of music in organ performance for the University of Michigan.

MOST Notable Influence
The teachers in the music department from grade school through senior year. Each contributed significantly by sharing their love of music.

MOST Rewarding Part of Your Career
Ministering through music to an ecumenical congregation made up of some 50 nationalities and several dozen denominations, making for a spirit of unity and cooperation.

MOST Exciting Experience
Performing organ recitals in places such as Notre Dame Cathedral and Chartres Cathedral, conducting concerts throughout Europe, and conducting handbell festivals with ringers numbering from 250 to 900.

Joe Callero, Class of 1981

Joe Callero Cal Poly San Luis Obispo men’s basketball coach inspired by Hornet Hall of Fame mentor.

1981 Enumclaw High graduate turns Seattle University education-counseling masters degree into a spin at the NCAA’s Big Dance.

MOST Important Thing You Took with You from Your Enumclaw High Experience

By far the most important thing I took from my high school experience is how fortunate I was to have a variety of different personalities as teachers and classmates. My job requires me to recruit and motivate a variety of people from different socio-economic backgrounds.

MOST Notable Influence
Boy’s basketball coach Gary Radliff was also the school counselor. His intelligent, steady leadership was great mentorship and motivation for me to go into coaching. He wasn’t just a great coach, he was a good person, mentor and educator. I was fortunate to get to know him as well as his entire family.

MOST Rewarding Part of Your Career
The most rewarding part is when I can get all these people to work as a family for a common goal. When our team qualified for the Big Dance (the 2014 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament), and even won a game, we captured the entire community’s interest and enthusiasm.

MOST Exciting Experience
Going to the NCAA Tournament.

MOST Impressive
The Mustangs’ 2014 NCAA Tournament appearance was the first in school history. Callero also has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Central Washington University.

Greg Rufener, Class of 2009

Greg Rufener Enumclaw High graduate anticipates graduating from Creighton University School of Medicine in 2018.

After graduating from Enumclaw High School in 2009, Rufener earned a bachelor of science from Creighton University.

MOST Notable Influence
The Enumclaw School District where all the teachers that made the former Enumclaw Adventure School small school program possible. Those teachers and the program emphasized critical thinking and interpersonal skills, and instilled a curiosity for learning in its students. Adventure School helped me to lay the foundation to pursue a lifelong education as a medical professional.

MOST Rewarding Part of Your Career
I look forward to helping others through medical intervention once I become a physician. Less obviously, I look forward to being a part of a rapidly changing healthcare system. It is during these times of great change that real improvements in healthcare will be made, and I believe the next generation of physicians and healthcare providers will help to revolutionize the ways in which people view and use healthcare as a whole.

MOST Exciting Experience
The day I learned of my acceptance to medical school I was very excited! My most exciting experiences in the medical field have been shadowing surgeries with doctors and helping others in life threatening situations as an EMT. During my first semester of medical school I will have the opportunity to fully dissect a human cadaver. As a medical student’s “first patient”, completing a full human dissection is a rite of passage and something I am looking forward to.

MOST Impressive
Rufener graduated this spring Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa honors society. He was also selected to aid with immunotherapy research as a participant in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Craig Ebert, Class of 2003

Craig Egbert 2003 Enumclaw High School graduate turns technology education into opportunity to give back to Enumclaw School District.

ITT Technical Institute bachelor of science degree gives Network Specialist background to keep district up and running.

MOST Notable Influence
The most important thing I took away from my education in Enumclaw is to never give up on a goal or dream! I would have to say that both (teachers) Jim LovellFord and Roger Breakfield were positive influences in my life and helped shaped what I took away from my education in Enumclaw.

MOST Rewarding Part of Your Career
My position with the Enumclaw School District is the most rewarding so far in my career, as I now have a chance to give back to the community that helped mold me into who I am today.

MOST Impressive
Egbert, whose ITT Technical Institute degree is in digital entertainment  and game design, had a hand in finishing the Microsoft Studios’ published online, real-time strategy game -- Age of Empires.

AnnaMarie Forza, Class of 2012

AnnaMarie Forza Talented 2012 Enumclaw High and soon-to-be Northwest Nazarene University graduate drawing up future.

Commissioned pieces for NNU’s first lady and pop singer Peter Hollens, plus a spot at the national track championships, add color to resume.

MOST Important Thing You Took with You from Your Enumclaw School Experience
The skill set of perseverance and determination that has helped me to be successful in my collegiate experiences and beyond. From the various AP classes where my teachers pushed me to do better than I ever thought I could, the leadership classes that taught me how to both lead and work well with others, and the various athletic teams I was a part of that taught me to push through the hard times to reach success.

MOST Notable Influence
Every teacher I had throughout my high school experience, especially those I had my junior and senior year, made a huge impact on my life through the support and confidence they instilled in their students. The most direct influences have been both Amy Weber (Cantrell), my art teacher, and Kim Westerberg, my varsity cheer coach. Amy went above and beyond the typical high school curriculum in my art classes at EHS. She pushed me and my classmates to try new, more advanced college-level techniques which not only helped me easily excel in my college courses, but also refined my work to “commission-quality”. Kim was a wonderful role model and coach who taught me that hard work can get you wherever you want to go, patience is vital to teamwork, and that failure is just an opportunity for growth.

MOST Rewarding Part of Your Career
Having my artwork selected to be featured in my very own show at the Enumclaw City Hall gallery this upcoming summer. This opportunity has been the culmination of years of hard work, taking all I have learned from EHS ad NNU and applying it to develop my own artistic style, promote and sell my artwork, and further my dream of working for Disney.

MOST Exciting Experience
When I received the opportunity to work on an informational jaguar-conservation poster for Costa Rica. I worked with the biology department at Northwest Nazarene University, Las Alturas, Wild4Ever, and the Department of Wildlife of Costa Rica to create a poster for their national campaign. This poster will be displayed in every wildlife refuge in Central America.

MOST Impressive
AnnaMarie was named an USTFCCCA DII Academic All-American in 2013 and 2014. She competes in several events including the javelin.

Molly Semon, Class of 2010

Molly Semon With a  Bachelor of Music emphasizing vocal performance, 2010 Enumclaw High School graduate is making her voice heard.

The Western Washington University graduate has a range of talent including a gift for singing opera, a joy to share her talent as a private vocal instructor and an aptitude for business as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

MOST Important Thing You Took with You from Your Enumclaw school experience
My Enumclaw school experience taught me the importance of working hard to succeed in all that you do. It taught me that giving up was not an option and that determination to be better and do better would get you through life’s ups and downs.

MOST Notable Influence
Many of the people in my Enumclaw school career were very influential in my successes. The most notable, however, was Mr. Paul Scott, who was my choir director from 8th grade to graduation. With his mentorship and passion for teaching, I was able to blossom my own passion for singing and learning more about the abilities of the voice.

MOST Rewarding Part of Your Career
The most rewarding part of both of my careers is the aI have the ability to help others. In Mary Kay, I am helping women take care of the skin, feel beautiful and have the opportunity to be empowered and create better lives for themselves and their families. In my vocal lessons, I am teaching children how to use their talents in a healthy way and creating a passion within them for music that can withstand the hardships that life may bring. I find it very rewarding when I can pass on my gift and knowledge to others and really make a difference in their lives.

MOST Exciting Experience
The most exciting thing about my experience thus far is that at 22 years old I have already been given the opportunity to travel to 13 different countries outside fo the United States in which I was able to share my passion for music. I have been very blessed in my life, and plan to spend the rest of it giving back to those who were not given the same opportunities.

MOST Impressive
At Western, Semon was a College of Fine and Performing Arts Scholarship Recipient and Vice President of the university’s Opera Club for two years.