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District Office
2929 McDougall Avenue
Enumclaw, Washington 98022

School Contacts
School Name Department Phone

Enumclaw High School

226 Semanski Street South
Enumclaw, Washington 98022

Activities/Athletics Office
Attendance Office 360.802.7699
Counseling Office 360.802.7697
Main Office 360.802.7669

Enumclaw Middle School

550 Semanski Street South
Enumclaw, Washington 98022

Attendance Office
Counseling Office 360.802.7159
Main Office 360.802.7150
Thunder Mountain Middle School
42018 264th Ave. S.E.
Enumclaw, Washington 98022
Attendance Office
Counseling Office 360.802.7547
Main Office 360.802.7492

Black Diamond Elementary School

25314 Baker Street
Black Diamond, WA 98010

Main Office 360.802.7570

Byron Kibler Elementary School

2057 Kibler Avenue

Enumclaw, Washington 98022

Main Office 360.802.7263

Southwood Elementary School

3240 McDougall Avenue
Enumclaw, Washington 98022

Main Office 360.802.7370

Sunrise Elementary School

99 Osceola at 244th Avenue SE

Enumclaw, Washington 98022

Main Office 360.802.7425

Westwood Elementary School

21200 S.E. 416th
Enumclaw, Washington 98022

Main Office 360.802.7620
Birth to Five Center at JJ. Smith Campus

1640 Fell Street
Enumclaw, WA 98022



Transportation Contacts
Name Title Phone Email
Everett Cunningham
Transportation Supervisor 360.802.7233
Noel Rasmussen Transportation Specialist 360.802.7235
Kami Clark Transportation Specialist 360.802.7234


Nutrition Services Contact
Name Title Phone Email
Tracy Holyan
Food Service Supervisor 360.802.7715

District Administration Contacts
Name Title Phone Email
Mike Nelson Superintendent 360.802.7103
Chris Beals Deputy Superintendent 360.802.7146
Stephanie Berryhill Director, Human Resources 360.802.7113
Jill Burnes Director of Teaching & Learning 360.802.7124
Gerrie Garton Director, Student Support Services 360.802.7104

William (Ed) Hatzenbeler

Director, Business and Operations 360.802.7107

Tom Alexander Technology Operations Leader 360.802.7131
Courtney Bowie Assistant Director of Student Support Services 360.802.7133
Everett Cunningham Supervisor, Transportation 360.802.7232
Tracy Holyan Supervisor, Food Services 360.802.7715
Debbylynn Hookano Cultural Program Manager 360.802.7138

District Level, Non-Administrative Staff Contacts
Name Title Phone Email
Tammi Anderson Executive Secretary /
Sub Coordinator,
Human Resources

Sara Bellack Custodian
Ramona Bray Human Resources Specialist 360.802.7134
Gary Campbell District Maintenance 360.802.7262
Benjamin Clemente Client Systems Specialist 360.802.7223
Corey Egbert Systems Specialist 360.802.7217
Sheila Fend Executive Secretary, Director of Student Support Services 360.802.7125
Jamie Franz Student Information System Specialist 360.802.7121
Peter French Facilities Coordinator 360.802.7248
Robert Garcia Grounds 360.802.7240
Teresa Gillette Server Administrator 360.802.7218

Douglas Hall Network Administrator 360.802.7144
Kerri Hanrahan Payroll Officer 360.802.7116
Floyd Harlan District Maintenance 360.802.7262
Larry Johnson Client Systems Specialist 360.802.7223
Megan Judd
Human Resources Specialist 360.802.7106
Irven Kenney Client Systems Specialist 360.802.7220
Karen Kilmer Executive Secretary, Director, Curriculum & Instruction 360.802.7114
David Kneeland Grounds Supervisor 360.802.7240
Amy Lalone

Accounts Payable

Jennifer Longmire Instructional Technology Support Teacher 360.802.7816
Jessica McCartney Public Information Officer 360.802.7109
Kim Mayer Fiscal Officer 360.802.7120
Kristin Millard Creative Technologies Specialist 360.802.7111
Terry Nelson Grounds 360.802.7240
Miranda Newell Executive Assistant, Superintendent and Board 360.802.7102
Robert Phillips District Maintenance 360.802.7262

Steve Thomas

District Courier 360.802.7100
Denise VanHoof Accounts Receivable 360.802.7110
Annette Vranizan Executive Secretary, Director of Instructional Technology and Assessment 360.802.7135
Kenneth Went Client Systems Administrator 360.802.7222
Adrienne White Payroll Officer 360.802.7118
Tricia Williams Data Integration Specialist 360.802.7127
Shelly Undlin Custodian - Pete's Pool
Kevin Zyanya Custodian - Pete's Pool