The new EnVision video series features celebrations, insights, and education topics that shines a light on what it means to be part of Enumclaw School District. Our goal is to present 30 videos in 30 weeks that share Enumclaw SD’s vision for student success. At the core of the series is our commitment to ensuring the equity of all students achieving at high levels. Videos will be aired weekly on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/EnumclawSchoolDistrict.


EnVISION 01: Reunite! EHS Hornets Campus

Ready 5 Months Early

EnVISION 02: Learning Labs: Teachers Learn Together
















EnVISION 03: Community Scholarships

EnVISION 04: Secondary Cadre
















EnVISION 05: Elementary Math Leadership Cadre

EnVISION 06: Spotlight on Transportation
















EnVISION 07: Poetry Slam

EnVISION 08: Follow Up with Secondary Instructional
Leadership Cadre
















EnVISION 9: Make 'Em Weep

EnVISION 10 - Exit Interviews













EnVISION 11: Hiring in the Enumclaw School District

EnVISION 12: EHS Graduation













EnVISION 13: Summer Food Program

EnVISION 14: Summer Maintenance & Custodial













EnVISION 15: EHS Construction, Music & Ag Buildings

EnVISION 16: : First Day of School!













EnVISION 19: Mental Health & First Aid Training

EnVISION 20: 2019 Summer Recap Across the District